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We manufacture strong
and durable premium thread for industrial use.

Shinil poly yarn Co., Ltd. has been leading the Korean Industrial poly spun yarn market for almost 50 years since its establishment in Mapo-gu, Seoul in 1976.

Based on our long history and excellent know-how in the field of Industrial Poly Spun Yarn, we constantly strive for innovation and development and have been a trusted and verified company growing with our customers.

Our top priority is customer trust. As a reliable business partner and a strong ally, we adhere to the principle of doing our best to satisfy our customers. We practice customer-centered service by closely communicating with our customers on product specifications and quality across all areas, and by providing prompt and accurate customer support. Our strong trust with our customers, including domestic and global multinational companies that have been with us for decades, is our greatest pride. We produce various types of Industrial Poly Spun Yarn product lines with world-class production facilities and equipment to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our products have been highly rated in both domestic and international markets for their world-class quality and price competitiveness.

We have advanced production systems to produce the most suitable products for each customer, and we also offer joint product development. Shinil poly yarn Co., Ltd. is committed to leading the Korean Industrial Poly Spun Yarn market and will do our best for product development and quality improvement, becoming a trusted partner who grows and develops together with our customers.

Thank you.